Small Nitrogen Generator

Small Nitrogen Generator
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Small Nitrogen Generator

The CALA flow rate small nitrogen generator can produce nitrogen gas with 1-5L/min and 95%-99.99% purity, and exactly match the needs of applications including LCMS, GC, ICP,ELSD/CAD detector, Circular Diachronic and Sample Evaporation. The CALA small nitrogen generator incorporating an intergrated oil free compressor completely eliminate any reliance on a house compressed air supply and give complete security of supply.


  • Design to meet specific analytical instrument gas purity and flow requirments;

  • Improved analytical performance-Production of a constant flow of gas improves the consistency of the analysis result and hence reproducibility;

  • Convenient-With a constant, guaranteed supply, automatic control;

  • Easy installation-Only one set up operation required for reliable service over time;

  • Economy-Quick return on investment-No gas cylinder rental bottles, low running cost.


ModelFlow Rate L/minN2 PurityOutlet Pressure