Small Nitrogen Generator

Small Nitrogen Generator

CANGAS ®  l ow pressure t win - tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation plant   For CANGAS ®  twin-tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation  plant, the working  pressure of the...
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CanGas® low pressure twin-tower nitrogen generation plant

For CanGas® twin-tower nitrogen generation plant, the working pressure of the whole system is less than 0.85Mpa. Operation is simple, flexible and safe while energy consumption is very low. - Small Nitrogen Generator

The main parts are air compressor, air dryer (pre-cooler), online filters, molecular sieve adsorption towers for pre-treatment. The overall extraction rate is high. High purity nitrogen can be produced at the same time.   The output of gaseous oxygen production could be from 50Nm3/h to 60000Nm3/h @ purity of above 99.6% and nitrogen purity is above 99.99%. The plant can be designed according to customers’ specific requirements. The capacity and purity could be insured with low energy consumption.

Model selection table - Small Nitrogen Generator

ModelO2 outputO2 purity N2 output  N2 purity  Cooling waterpower heightOccupied area 
Nm³/h %Nm³/htppmt/hkw/hm

Main Technical data

Capacity:                                                        Purity:

500Nm³/h                                                       ≥99.99%

Processing air needed:                                 350N m3/h

Discharge pressure of air compressor:        ≈1.0MPa(G)


  •  Nm3/h is the flow unit for gaseous gases at 0℃, 101.325KPa. The pressure refers to gauge pressure. Same below.

  •  The operational cycle time of the plants is 12 months, but it is suggested to heat the plant once at lest every 6 months. Same below.

  •  These are for reference only. Specific items need to be confirmed. Same below.

Main Technical data

Capacity: Purity:

500Nm³/h 99.99

Processing air needed: 350N m3/h

Discharge pressure of air compressor: 1.0MPa(G)

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