Small Liquid Nitrogen Generator

Small Liquid Nitrogen Generator

CANGAS ®  l ow pressure t win - tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation plant   For CANGAS ®  twin-tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation  plant, the working  pressure of the...
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CANGAS® low pressure twin-tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation plant

  For CANGAS® twin-tower cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen generation plant, the working pressure of the whole system is less than 0.7Mpa. Operation is simple, flexible and safe while energy consumption is very low.
  The main parts are air compressor, air dryer (pre-cooler), online filters, molecular sieve adsorption towers for pre-treatment, recycling cooling water system, gas bearing expander, positive flow expansion and refrigeration as well as twin-tower distillation. The overall extraction rate is high. High purity oxygen and nitrogen can be produced at the same time. Certain amount of liquid Argon can also be produced at the same time (optional). The output of gaseous oxygen production could be from 50Nm3/h to 60000Nm3/h @ purity of above 99.6% and nitrogen purity is above 99.99%. The plant can be designed according to customers’ specific requirements. The capacity and purity could be insured with low energy consumption.

Model selection table

ModelO2 outputO2 purity N2 output  N2 purity  Cooling waterpower heightOccupied area 
Nm³/h %Nm³/htppmt/hkw/hm

Main Technical data

Capacity:                                           Purity:

LN2: 20L/h±5%                                ≥99.99%

Gaseous N2: 500Nm³/h                        ≥99.99

Processing air needed:                       350N m3/h

Discharge pressure of air compressor:       ≈1.0MPa(G)


  •  Nm3/h is the flow unit for gaseous gases at 0℃, 101.325KPa. The pressure refers to gauge pressure. Same below.

  •  The operational cycle time of the plants is 12 months, but it is suggested to heat the plant once at lest every 6 months. Same below.

  •  These are for reference only. Specific items need to be confirmed. Same below.

Main Technical data

                    Capacity:                                           Purity:

LN2: 20L/h±5%                                99.99%

Gaseous N2: 500Nm³/h                        99.99

Processing air needed:                       350N m3/h

                            Discharge pressure of air compressor:       1.0MPa(G)

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