PSA Nitrogen Generator System CA-Z-50

PSA Nitrogen Generator System CA-Z-50

Each gas has a characteristic adsorption rate that when adsorbed by Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS). CMS has large surface area containing volume of micro pores and passageways. Oxygen has a higher adsorption rate than nitrogen. When compressed air enters CMS, nitrogen molecules are able to pass through this large surface. And oxygen molecules are adsorbed to the surface area.
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l         PSA On-site N2 generators with nitrogen filling device

Ø         General purpose nitrogen generators

Ø         High purity nitrogen generators

l         Membrane O2/N2 generators

l         PSA O2 generators with oxygen filling device

Ø         Industrial oxygen generators

Ø         Medical oxygen generators

l         Membrane O2 generators

l         Spare parts & Consumables of N2/O2 generators

l         Oxygen analyzers

l         Air compressors

l         Air dryers

l         Boosters for various kinds of gas

l         Cryogenic O2 and N2 and Argon generation plants with gas/liquid filling device

l  O2 enriching systems for office buildings, O2 bars, gyms, hotels, restaurants, and facilities located in high altitudes.

l         Equipment selection and matching, technician training, installation and commissioning.

CANGAS® CAPN Nitrogen Generation System Features

ü                High Reliability

Proven PSA technology, simple engineering design, few moving parts and international standardized manufacturing techniques ensure minimal maintenance and maximum reliability.

ü           Low Cost

Patented REFLUX high-efficiency control system reduces air consumption, saves electric power.

ü             Convenience

Unattended operation controlled by PLC automatically. Optional touch-screen CANBUS control, display and alarm system makes all the generation system to be operated by one touch. CANBUS displays working parameters, reminds filter elements replacing and instructs trouble shooting. It enables remote control.

ü  Easy Installation

Skid mounted for easy installation and move.

ü                  Longer Service-life

Exclusive bed containment system extends Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) bed life to more than ten years.

ü                     Minimal Maintenance

The generator has highly-reliable valves and no other moving parts. Filter elements are easily replaced.








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