PSA Nitrogen Generator Food Gas Generation Equipment

PSA Nitrogen Generator Food Gas Generation Equipment

PSA Nitrogen membrane Generator food Gas generation equipment N2 gas plant Air separation unit Furnace equipment machine plant for food industry - processing/sealing/packing/storage control/transportation of oil, juice, drinking water, drinks, beer, wine, apple, sauce, snacks, vegetable, pie
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PSA Nitrogen membrane Generator food Gas generation equipment N2 gas plant Air separation unit Furnace equipment machine plant   
CanGas general purpose PSA nitrogen generators are the basic models and core components of CANGAS PSA nitrogen generation systems. With standardized design, PSA nitrogen generators are divided into five series by different purities and different capacities as specific models.

Food and beverage industries

Aircraft& motor vehicle tires

Chemical and petrochemical industries

Electronics industry

Metallurgy / heat treatment

Pharmaceutical industry

Glass and lighting industry

Oil & Gas


Skidded PSA Nitrogen Generator

The integrated, independent and technologically most advanced solution to produce nitrogen for many application. Reliability and high performance, proven by our’s experience, allow its use with all major laser brands to attain highest cutting quality.

We provide the most simple and economic solution for producing nitrogen according to your needs and with desired purity. Press the start button and your nitrogen system will work for you automatically. CANGAS offers you solutions to become your own supplier of nitrogen, which means:

Reduced Operation Cost
You produce the nitrogen you need and get rid of any external supply contract with all the transportation or rental costs involve. Most of our clients reduced their nitrogen cost over 50% and more or recover their investment within 2 years.

No More Wastage
Eliminates the loss of stored liquid nitrogen caused by natural evaporation rate.

No More Supply Chain Failure
The generator provides an unlimited supply of nitrogen on-site as long as compressed air available.

No More Logistic Constraints
Save time avoiding recurrent logistic procedures – order, delivery, bills, invoice and inventory management.

Reduced Environment Impact
Eliminates the expense and CO2 emissions associated with truck deliveries.

Increased Safety
No more heavy and high-pressure cylinders to handle. Hazardous storage of cryogenic nitrogen can be avoid. Nitrogen generators are used in a wide range of industries.

CAPN Series Nitrogen Generator
A line of robust, reliable nitrogen generator based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology using state of art adsorbents to produce nitrogen from compressed air, allowing continuous availability at a very competitive operation cost compared to merchant gas supply.

The various models of PSA nitrogen generator systems offered by CAN GAS generate nitrogen at purities ranging from 95 – 99.999%. Various sizes are offered from small to large flow rates in order to meet specific nitrogen needs.

Typical Performance Data

Capacity:1 – 8,000 Nm3/h

Purity :95 - 99.9995 %

Discharge Pressure :6 – 35 bar

First Class of Component:Only high quality components installed to assure the system performance and reliability 

Self-Protective Monitoring of Feed Air Quality:Automatic feed air cut-off in case of contamination ,High dew point & pressure alarm

Superior Control System:Controller with display for full communication and monitoring possibilities.

Convenience:Non-stop available or gas on demand, supply, automatic and unattended operation

Plug & Play:Ready to use, only required a supply of dry compressed air.

  Standard     Equipment & ComponentsOption
Skidded Twin-bed Adsorption TowersFeed   air compressor package 
Control system with displayNitrogen   buffer tank
Zirconia oxygen sensorNitrogen   booster
Digital flow meterCylinder   filling station
Dew point sensorDew   point sensor for product gas
Feed air and nitrogen pressure transmitterGas   distribution piping 
Exhaust silencer

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