Oxygen Machine For Sale

Oxygen Machine For Sale

Oxygen generators have a range of applications, from providing vital life support to medical patients, to aerating wastewater, promoting biological treatment, boosting the yield of gold mines, and helping hatchery trout thrive. CANGAS Systems offers a comprehensive range of top-quality oxygen generators for a wide variety of purposes.
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Ultimate oxygen generator

Our systems utilize Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. These state-of-the-art PSA generators pass compressed air through a vessel containing zeolite, a molecular-level sieve that filters out nitrogen to provide high-purity oxygen.

Oxygen Purity

What level of oxygen purity do you require? At CANGAS, our standard-purity generators deliver up to 93% and 95% oxygen for many commercial purposes, and our industrial generators provides up to the 98% level required by many industrial applications along with hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers.* (Our generators produce 98% oxygen by running a 95% concentration through a couple of other processing stages.)

Oxygen Flow and Pressure

Calculate the minimum required flow – in standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH), normal cubic meters per hour (NM3/H), liters per minute (LPM), or whatever other units – for your purposes, as well as the necessary delivery pressure to determine what sort of oxygen-generating setup you require.

If you use a generator to fill oxygen cylinders, account for the influence of cylinder consumption on your flow requirements. Speaking of, at CANGAS we also provide high-power oxygen filling stations for efficiently stocking your cylinders with 93%, 95%, or 99% oxygen.

Customize Flow: 3-100Nm3/h

Customize Purity: 93% 95% 99.5%

Customize Pressure: up to 300 bar

Dew Point(at ATM): -40 or -70℃

Purification level:medical / industrial


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