Oxygen Generator Machine

Oxygen Generator Machine

Combustion is the combination of fuel, an oxidizer, and an input energy source such as heat (i.e. spark plug) as shown by the combustion triangle. In the case of many reactions such as hydrocarbon fuels, this oxidizer would be oxygen (in most cases in the form of air), which requires a low input energy to create a chemical reaction.
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During glass making, ampoule making, and at steel mills, thermal power plants, increasing the efficiency of combustion is very important to save fuel and create more energy. This principle is also applicable to other combustion related industries.

In atmosphere oxygen content is 21% in concentration and by manually increasing the oxygen concentration fed for combustion process we can get significant result: more heat and higher combustion ratio for fuels which make less waste of imperfect combustion or pollution.

CAN GAS offers customer solutions to easily increase the efficiency of burning process. CAN GAS oxygen generator machines are highly productive, safe and energy saving.  It will save more money for those who use cylinder oxygen or liquid oxygen before, as well as making their production easier.

Part catalog of CAN GAS oxygen generator machine as follow. If you have different demand,please contact us directly to get the customized products for you.


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