Oxygen Generator For Fish Farm

Oxygen Generator For Fish Farm

CAN GAS Systems has 20 years of experience in the O2 application technology for more aquaculture operations including re-circulation systems, flow through, ponds, ponds,sea cage and hatchery operation for both fresh water and sea water fish, and has profound understanding of engineering of oxygen generation and related facilities for fish farming.
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Product Details

CAN GAS makes on site oxygen production more reliable, more economy and more convenient for your application.

More reliable:

Customer want low cost performance and reliability.

CAN GAS new oxygen system has less moving parts, making it a low maintenance, highly reliable system.

The system has proven to solve a number of the problems that could occur in breeding fish.

More economy and simpler:

The CAN GAS on-site PSA O2 units are compact, skid mounted, and can be easily trailer mounted for ease of manoeuvrability at your site, run automatically, CANBUS HMI monitor and control all running data, and remote control is available. The generators just need to plug into a power supply and then start producing O2. By installing CAN GAS CAVSA O2 unit you can reduce energy consumption up to 50%

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Flow:3-80Nm3/h Purity: 93% Pressure: 5 bar Power: 1.5kwh/m3 O2Oxygen generator for fish farm applies 90%~93% oxygen to feed factory fish farming facility and ensure the production and survival of fished feed inside.


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