Onsite PSA Oxygen Plant Generator For Steel Welding

Onsite PSA Oxygen Plant Generator For Steel Welding

CanGas® CAPO-HP 99.5% oxygen generator applies PSA technology to make oxygen with purity up to 99.5%. It meets requirements for the applications such as steel cutting, welding and so on.
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Product Details

Onsite PSA Oxygen plant generator for steel welding at user spot jobsite 

68CanGas® CAPO-HP 99.5% oxygen generator applies PSA technology to make oxygen with purity up to 99.5%. It meets requirements for the applications such as steel cutting, welding and so on.

Key Features

All-in-one design, all systems are integrated on a skid or two skids for easy installation and operation
High efficient and stable
Fully automatic control
Low maintenance
Time-proven technology & design
Dependable controlling system and processing valves ensure reliable performance 

Lower cost than traditional liquid oxygen, skid mounted and easy for installation, moveable, small footprint, low maintenance.

It aquires oxygen by separating oxygen directly from the atmosphere and deliver it to application with an oxygen generator. Only electricity is consumed, without material consumption.


Oxygen purity: 99%±0.5%
Oxygen capacity: 1~200Nm3/h
Oxygen delivery pressure: 4-5barg or customized

Product Uses O2
HospitalMedical oxygen for breath
Burning process (glass craft, ampoule making, thermal power)Enhances burning efficiency
Ozone generationRaw material to make O3
Waste water disposalOxidization of waste content
AquacultureOxygen enriched water improves life of fishes
FermentationBetter atmosphere for fermentation
Diving, mountaineering,For breathing
High-altitude flight, interplanetary flight, civil aviationFor breathing
Cutting, weldingBurns to produce heat
Engineering BlastingTo make liquid oxygen explosive
MetallurgyIronmaking, steelmaking
Oxygen enrichingBar, meeting room, office, dorm, homes
MiningReacts with minerals to increase separation rate
Chemical engineeringTo make vitriol, nitric acid, etc.
Paper and pulpPulp bleaching
Product Effects

    By product gases from CANGAS air separation plants in specified applications, for the users in around the the world, the production efficiency, product quality, processing and manufacturing processes, saving of labor and energy, etc. are amazingly improved, enhanced and optimized, which is exampled below.

    After applying the CANGAS oxygen generator in the gold mining, the extraction efficiency of gold is increased 3~5 times! 


* High Reliability

   Proven PSA technology, simple engineering design, few moving parts and international standardized

manufacturing techniques ensure minimal maintenance and maximum reliability. 

* Low Cost

   Patented REFLUX high-efficiency control system reduces air consumption, saves electric power.

* Convenience

   Unattended operation controlled by PLC automatically. Optional touch creen CANBUS control, display

and alarm system makes all the generation system to be operated by one touch. CANBUS displays working 

parameters, reminds filter elements replacing and instructs trouble shooting. It enables remote control.

* Easy Installation

   Skid mounted for easy installation and move.

* Longer Service-life

   Exclusive bed containment system extends Zeolite/Carbon Molecular Sieve (Z/CMS) bed life to more than 10 years.

* Minimal Maintenance

   The generator has highly-reliable valves and no other moving parts. Filter elements are easily replaced.

* More reliable
   CANGAS standardized air separation systems based on proven state of the art technologies in history of many years application in fields. 

   Simplified engineering design idea with much less moving parts, guarantees maximumreliability and minimal maintenance.

* More economical
   More advanced and more economical air separation membrane modules. 
   REFLUX composition control system reduces air consumption capacity, saves energy cost.
   Patented Energy Efficiency System (EES) enables CANGAS systems to produce product gases based on actual demand. 

* More convenient
   CANBUS multi monitoring and control system enables parameters of capacity, purity, and pressure of product gases online display on panel screen, gives running problem alarm, and reminds of maintenance. 

   Turn-key solution and pre-commissioned. 
   Skid mounted design, easy installation.

* Plug and play with smart control.

* Proven design with reliable parts.

* CE, ISO, ASME, UL, BV, GHOST, GC3 certificated.

* Leader in the market with 20 years of experience.

* Have exported more than 1000 sets of PSA O2/N2 units to more 70 countries.

* Turn-key design with easy control, simple installation and easy operation.

* Low maintenance with super long service life.

* Could be containerized for easy installation, transportation and relocating.

* High efficiency: ONLY 0.5kw·h for 1m³ N2 production and 0.8kw·h for O2. 

* 18 months warranty.

* Full Automation

   All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic Oxygen/Nitrogen demand adjustment.

* Lower Space Requirement/Small footprint

   The design and Instrumentation makes the plant size very compact, assembly on skids, prefabricated and supplied from factory.         

* Fast Start-up

   Start-up time is about 30 minutes to get desired Oxygen purity. So these units can be switched ON & OFF as per Oxygen demand changes. For nitrogen generators, it is shorter.

* High Reliability

   It’s very reliable for continuous and steady operation with constant Oxygen purity. Plant availability time is better than 93% always.

* Expected Zeolite Molecular Sieves and Carbon Molecular Sieve life is more than 10 years, overall service life time of Oxygen/Nitrogen plant is more than 30 years.

* Low investment and energy consumption.

* Simple operation and maintenance.


    Beside the basic gas production, customizable functions for the air separation plants are available from CANAGS. They are movable, portable, skid-mounted, trailer-mounted, box type, containerized, combining control for energy saving and emergency, backup systems, customizable, OEM service, for special applications like oil and gas, mining, SMT, tyre inflation, home care, clinic, fish farming, tank blanking, storage control, aerospace and aviation, Ozone production, Wi-control and remote control, truck-mounted, and so on.


Associated Brands

    CAN GAS have a strict screening system to chose qualified suppliers and partners. For now, we have developed good relationship and partnership with the following groups, companies, incorporations, brands, etc.

    Atlas Copco (OEM partner); HANFILTER; Parker Hannifin; Dominic Hunter; JMEC; SMC; CKD; Changai; Jiuyin; Talantek; Hitech; TYCO; BAUER; RIX; Delta; Siemens; Mitsubishi; Omron; Juliang; UOP; GCS; SCS; JSC; PAP; LIUTECH; IngersoII Rand; Sullair; Shanli; JIanlong; Neutronics; MaxTech; Nanjia; Yingsheng; Xinyi; Kamei; Kuraray; Takeda; CECA; ZEOCHEM; Huizhi; Zhongding; Bailian; Maximator; Linghein; Duanxing; Hengxin; Jinhua; Lantian; ...

Buyer Feedback

    Put aside the good reputation and praise from the customers in the world, batch purchasing, additional purchasing, second purchasing, third purchasing, fourth... happen a lot in CAN GAS.


Related Products

    Except the commonly used PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators, CAN GAS is able to manufacture some other air separation equipments which are listed below.

    Oxygen purifier; nitrogen purifier; hydrogen generator; VPSA oxygen generator; VSA oxygen generator; membrane oxygen generator; membrane nitrogen generator; liquid (cryogenic) oxygen, nitrogen and argon generator.

    And all the equipments listed in the column “accessaries” are all available separately from CAN GAS.

    All CAN GAS products are customizable, such as portable, movable, truck-mounted, trailer-mounted, box type, containerized, skid-mounted, ....


1. Air compressor

    Air compressor from Atlas Copco, a international famous brand, best manufacturer of air compressor in the world, is adopt in all CAN GAS air separation products to provide best in-time after-sales service to customers all around the world since they have service centers in more than 200 countries even though the performance is best and reliable with low maintenance and minimum repair rate.

    And CAN GAS is proud to announce that we were granted as OEM partner of Atlas Copco at the begining of 2015.

2. Refrigerate Air dryer

    Refrigerate Air dryer with best, reliable performance from Parker Hannifin, also known as Dominic Hunter, a international famous brand, best manufacturer of refrigerate air dryer in the world, is adopt in all CAN GAS air separation products to achieve best pre-treatment for the compressed air.

3. Self-clean pre-filter and heavy-duty pre-filter

    Self-clean pre-filter from HANFILTER and heavy-duty pre-filter from Atlas Copco with high efficiency and reliable performance is adopt for jobsites with bad working conditions.

Atlas .jpg.jpg

4. Desiccant air dryer

    Desiccant air dryer made by CAN GAS with high efficiency and reliable performance is adopt if the user has strict requirement on dew-point of product gas.

5. Air filters

    Pre-treatment for compressed air is very important to the air separation plants. Online compressed air filters made by Parker Hannifin and CAN GAS are adopt to remove oil, dust, water in the compressed air.


6. CAN GAS CAQ series activated carbon filters

    CAN GAS CAQ series activated carbon with high efficiency of oil removal for pre-treatment of compressed air is optional.

7. CANBUS smart control and WI-control system

    To achieve easy monitoring, operating and controlling of the whole system, CANBUS smart control and WI-control system made by CAN GAS are at customer's option.

CANBUS.jpgCANGAS Wi-control.jpg

8. Product gas filter

    Odor, dust, oil, bacteria removal filters made by Parker Hannifin will be adopt for product gas treatment to meet customer's requirements.

9. Instruments

    Product gas analyzer for purity from CHANGAI, digital flowmeter and SMC/CKD pressure transmeter are standard accessaries. Dew-point analyzer, glass flowmeter, H2 analyzer, CO2 analyzer, etc. are optional.

10. Oxygen and nitrogen boosters

    To achieve high delivery pressure or to fill bottles, booster of piston type and diagram type with stable performance are at customers' choice.

    Imported high efficiency boosters with super high working pressure from RIX USA and BAUER Germany are also available.

12. Gas filling device and oxygen backup system

    Gas filling device for oxygen and nitrogen will be adopt to fill oxygen/nitrogen bottles. Filling pressure and quantity of filling nuzzles are customizable. Manual type and auto type are both available. Oxygen backup system will be adopt if needed.

13. Gas purification device

    If SO2, CO, CO2, etc. are not wanted in the product gas, corresponding gas purification device will be adopt.

14. Others

    Oxygen bottles, vaporizer, Liquid nitrogen tank, membrane modules for N2 or O2 production and purification of natural gas, special gas analyzer, special gas purification device, etc. are all available from CAN GAS.

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