Nitrogen Systems For Vessels

CAN CAS Nitrogen systems for vessels with highly evaluated sub-systems complies Classification Society's Certificates and provides our customer on ships with best quality and services. With our professional product our customer benefit for huge reduction in nitrogen consumption compared to tradtional methods on board.
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Vessels using LNG (liquefied natural gas) as a fuel source, or who are transporting LNG, are required to blanket their fuel tanks with nitrogen to prevent the possibility of an explosion. Instead of bringing nitrogen tanks on board, it makes more sense to generate nitrogen on-site. To do this, vessels must first have access to an air compressor.

Nitrogen is also often used (along with air compressors) during the process of cleaning the LNG pipework and storage tank. Because it is a dry, oxygen-free inert gas, using nitrogen as an agent for flushing and/or purging a ship’s LNG tank engines and fuel lines can greatly reduce the potential for combustion and explosions during the process.

Nitrogen if possible will be used for instrument gas for gas instrument and precision instrument on ships ensuring long service life of these protected instrument systems .

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Product Gas Flow:3-1000Nm3/h Purity: 95%-99.999% Pressure: Customized Enclosure: Customized Pressure vessel& Parts:GB/ASME Air Compressor Brand: Atlas Copco Air Dryer Brand: Parker Hannifin/ CAN GAS Systems Air Filter Brand: Parker's Domnick Hunter sub-branch Nitrogen generator: CAN GAS SystemsWith highly evaluated brand and quality of our nitrogen generator. We CAN GAS Systems are proud to offer our customer nitrogen systems for vessels with various customization for actual application and unique job site condition.


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