Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen Generators

CAN GAS PSA nitrogen generator is a new high-tech device which will replace bottled nitrogen and cryogenic nitrogen system. It has the advantages of low cost, small cubage, light weight; easy operation, easy maintenance, low running expense, fast N 2 stream production, no pollution and easy to run or shut down.
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Product Details

CAN GAS PSA nitrogen generator takes advanced PSA technology to produce high quality nitrogen.

The purity of nitrogen generator we can do is from 95% to 99.9995% according to customers's demand. 

As you may know that CAN GAS can be widely used in many fields,such as aerospace, chemical and refining, metals, oil/gas production, electronics, research, food, glass, health cave, pulp and paper, coal recover, oil and gas recovery, power generation, air pollution reduction and so on. CAN GAS is dedicated in supplying our customers with more reliable, more economical and more convenient air separation solutions and professional services.

There are some actual cases for your more knowing.

CAN GAS PSA nitrogen generator for food industry with purity 99.5%


CAN GAS PSA Nitrogen generator for chemical engineering


CAN GAS PSA nitrogen generator for pharmaceutical factory


CAN GAS PSA nitrogen generator for laser cutting


If you want more details,please kindly contact with us soon.

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