Nitrogen Generator Machine For Power Plant

Nitrogen Generator Machine For Power Plant

CAN GAS Nitrogen generator machine for power plant
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CanGas┬« patented high purity PSA Nitrogen generator/N2 generator/Nitrogen plant is onsite nitrogen supply solution for various industries to produce nitrogen of high purity up to 99.99%~99.9995% (oxygen content lower to 1ppm) by PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology. It helps industrial users of nitrogen who want to gain long term future of convenience,reducing operating costs, rapid return on investment.

Main Application Fields for  PSA Nitrogen generator/N2 generator/Nitrogen plant:


Rubber/Tire Manufacture

Food and Beverage


Metal and Heat Treatment



Chemical & Plastics

Antique Protection

Airport Ground Support

Lab Researching

Laser Cutting

* Power plant

Buying guides:

The following points need to be confirmed by the purchaser before quoting and purchasing.
1. Country and standards (CE, PED, ASME, UL, API, GHOST, etc.);
2. Application;
3. Site conditions: altitude, temperature, humidity, surroundings, power supply specifications;
4. Basic requirements on capacity: purity, displacement (max output flow), product gas delivery pressure;
5. Any special requirements, such as for medical, short delivery time, shockproof, explosionproof, portable, movable, oil- free for product gas, no harmful gases (CO, CO2, SO2, etc.) in product gas, low dew-point, ....

Flow chart:

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