Nitrogen Generation Plant

Nitrogen generation plant is an onsite solution suitable for many industries,the user convenience and low running cost is it's key advantages. Nitrogen generation plant can be mounted on multiple plaforms for mobile as well. This makes it very popular in remote working area where access of gas bottles are not a easy thing.
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Product Details

CANGAS all on one skid compact nitrogen solution provides customer with limited machine space a product which pre-fabricated, pre-tested, pre-tuned in CANGAS factory.  At customer site, no installation is needed, plug and run the machine to get the desired purity of desired nitrogen is the key.

Such solution is customizable based on customer priority gas need.  CANGAS will always focus on the possibility to minimize all the way that deliver a little bit more convenience for  our customer.


20-100Nm3/h flow, 95-99.999% purity customizable.

Minimum installation requirement with small footprint.

 Plug and play turn key design.

Whole package under one control panel, easy to operate and monitor.

20 years plus time-proven PSA technology.

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