To Fight Against COVID-19, CAN GAS Exhausts Its Ability

- Mar 27, 2020-

With the outbreak of COVID-19, so far during this crisis, CAN GAS SYSTEMS COMPANY LIMITED actively responds to national call, implements all the national targeted policies & regulations against COVID-19, scientifically and rigorously organizes the production work resumption, rest, break and etc.


For better serving customers during this special period, we launched multiple online services. In the afternoon of 24th March, 2020, project manager went to CAN GAS factory to operate our exporting high purity oxygen generator unit, the oxygen generator was running very well, and has perfectly met customer's standard, and all these operations were verified by video call with customer. We confirmed the exact shipping schedule with customer, and shortly customer will receive our high-quality oxygen generator.


The international epidemic situation is still serious, we, CAN GAS SYSTEMS COMPANY LIMITED, will do anything we can for a better service to all our customers.