- May 05, 2019-

Why Nitrogen?

Rather than adding the signature fizz of CO2, nitrogen’s pop comes in the taste department. “The nitro foam gives a perception of sweetness without anything being added,” Lovejoy explains. “It tricks the tongue by hitting it at different places and bringing out more flavor.”

And that’s where its health cred comes in: Unlike other types of coffee, which can sometimes skew bitter, nitro doesn’t require sugar to taste amazing. “You can achieve the taste your tongue likes without adding any sugar to it at all,” says Carmichael.


Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not tend to react with other substances. This makes it an ideal gas for food packaging. By removing oxygen and replacing it with nitrogen, coffee producers can extend the shelf life of their product and preserve the integrity of the aroma and flavor. This is because, unlike oxygen, nitrogen does not react with, and therefore does not change, the oils from the coffee beans.

In addition, nitrogen is not a useful fuel for microbes. This means that mold and other things are less likely to grow on the coffee while it sits on a shelf, making nitrogen the perfect choice for the food packaging industry.