Oxygen Machine For Sale

- Dec 22, 2020-

90-99% Oxygen Purity CE/ISO13485/ISO9001 Certified PSA Medical Oxygen Machine for Hospital


As the market leader of PSA Oxygen Generating System, CAN GAS obtains a variety of certificates, including CE certificate, ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO13485 Medical Device Quality Management System Certificate, AAA Credit Rating certificate. And CAN GAS holds two nationally authorized invention patents and nine innovation patents. CAN GAS exports products to Southeast Asia, Africa, Americans, the Middle East and other overseas markets. The after-sales offices cover more than 20 countries and regions. Premium quality is the mission of CAN GAS. We are committed to producing high-quality medical PSA Oxygen Generating Systems and be a trusted business partner for customers.

CAPO PSA Oxygen Generating System

Integrated PSA Oxygen Generating System,Equipped with Zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbent, PSA Oxygen Generator can separate oxygen from the surrounding air by adsorption and release of nitrogen. Oxygen concentrations can be 93%(±3%).

  • Integrated Design
 • Produce Oxygen From Surrounding Air
 • Physical Separation No Chemical Process
 • With Noise Eliminator
 • Intelligent Control System
 • Low Operation Cost

 • Extremely Safe and Environment Friendly

Operation Principle

Zeolite is with three-dimensional structure which forms uniformly sized pores. As the pores preferentially absorb small molecules and exclude large molecules, Zeolite acts as molecular sieves. Zeolite molecular sieve will absorb nitrogen and separate high purity oxygen under high pressure; it will release nitrogen at low pressure. Two adsorption towers process nitrogen adsorption and release. Once Zeolite molecular sieve in tower A absorbs enough nitrogen, tower A will stop the separation process and begin to release nitrogen into the nitrogen storage tank. Tower B will begin to separate the oxygen. Two towers separate oxygen alternately.

Strong Supply Chain

Core Components from well-known brands all over the world, Strong supply chain system ensures stable and reliable quality and after-sales service support.

Traditional Oxygen Supply

Expensive maintenance and transport cost, unstable and unsafe, strict storage requirement and lots of waste caused.

Why BUY Oxygen When You Can Make by Yourself?

Oxygen is everywhere in the surrounding air, now with our CAN GAS Integrated PSA Oxygen Generator System, you can get 93±3% purity oxygen 24*7 hours.

With our Zoelite molecular sieve in PSA process, oxygen produced with physical process doesn't contain any chemicals.

CAN GAS PSA control system makes operation extremely easy. App operate and monitor on mobile or laptop, automatic design makes operate cost and maintenance cost low.