Oxygen Generator With Cylinder Filling System Export To Peru

- Aug 07, 2020-

CFS plus-30

PSA Oxygen generator CAPO Plus-30 exported to Peru

The whole system include: 

Atlas Copco Air compressor with built-in dryer、CAN GAS desiccant dryer + PSA oxygen generator、Piston Oxygen booster + cylinder filling station 、CAN BUS function + Remote PC control + remote Mobile APP Monitor

Purity : ≥95%、Capacity: 30Nm³/h、Outlet Oxygen pressure:15Mpa adjustable

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks


  Lab Researching

  Medical & Home Care

 Burning Process (glass craft, ampoule making, thermal power)

 Ozone Production

 Waste Water/Sewage Treatment/Hatcheries


 Outdoor Sports (diving, mountaineering)

 High-altitude Flight, Interplanetary Flight, Military/Civil Aviation

 Cutting, Welding


Oxygen Enrichment

 Mining, Mineral Processing, Gold Processing

Chemical Engineering

 Civil/Military Airport Ground Support/Service