Nitrogen Tire Inflator Manufacturers

- Sep 01, 2017-


CANGAS tire inflator uses PSA technology to purify air into a stream of high-purify nitrogen, which can be taken directly to any vehicle safely and quickly.The system will extend tire life through the reduction of premature failure of tires that caused by oxygen or moisture. Moreover, it cites the other features of the system.

Nowadays wise car owners are seeking to take advantage of the benefits of tires inflated with nitrogen rather than compressed air. Those benefits include up to 4% savings in fuel costs, fewer blowouts, improved safety and up to 25% increased tire life. Improved tire life alone will save a 50-truck fleet more than $100,000 in tire costs over the life of the tires, according to Parker. Nitrogen for many years has been the accepted gas for inflating the tires of aircraft, racing cars and heavy mining and construction vehicles.

We recommend that you use nitrogen in your tires whenever possible, but if you run into a situation where you can’t get it, no problem. Go ahead and “top off” or completely fill your tires with air. Later, you can go back to the tire dealer who inflated your tires with nitrogen for a refill. 

While nitrogen will help you maintain proper pressure, you should still check your tires on a regular basis and/or as recommended by the tire manufacturer.

Nitrogen's larger size decreases the rate at which it permeates through the tire, keeping the tire correctly inflated for a longer time. It's not about the nitrogen, it's about reducing oxygen and moisture. Oxidation can damage the tire and it's components, as well as the wheel. The rate of oxidation increases as the tire heats during use. Compressed air also contains moisture which increases oxidation and pressure fluctuation. 

Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

For many years nitrogen is used in civil and military air craft’s tyres and formula race car tyres because of its unique advantages. Over the years nitrogen is being introduced for passenger cars and vehicles. Normal compressed air contains oxygen in 21% volume which has smaller molecular size than nitrogen molecules hence oxygen permeates through the tyre walls causing pressure loss in a short time. During this process oxygen reacts with rubber and results in ageing and weakening of the tyre.

Advantages of Nitrogen

Consistent tyre pressure

Nitrogen migrates through the tyre walls 3 to 4 times slower than normal air

More Mileage

Maintaining the right tyre pressure reduces the rolling of the tyre and improves fuel economy

More tread life and overall tyre life

Tread wear is reduced and tread life is increased in nitrogen filled tyres .

Reduce corrosion

Nitrogen is 100% dry and a clean inert gas which prevents damage to the inner linings and rims due to oxidation.

Tyre runs cooler

Nitrogen does not get over healed at high speed run on the highways.

Increased fuel economy

Increased tire life

Improved handling and traction

Better for the environment