Nanjing Convenient Integration Of Medical Resources To Build The Health Care System

- Mar 07, 2015-

Nanjing will integrate the resources city's treatment of infectious diseases. The function of emergency public health events in second hospitals of hepatitis and HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and thoracic hospital, Institute of occupational disease prevention of leprosy, Nanshan hospital emergency center, all the focus away from the residential area to the Jiangning Tangshan street Qinglong Hill School District, in accordance with the mode of college a small comprehensive built Municipal Public Health Center as the Nanjing area, concentrated treated infectious diseases hospital and bear the major infectious diseases of public health emergency disposal center.

Health Bureau relevant responsible person said, chest hospital, city hospital are located in the main urban densely populated areas, two large hospital infectious disease ward over the years by repeated complaints from the public, be moved out of the main city in the years before they put on the schedule of public health, Nanjing medical center is located in the Qinglong mountain area of Jiangning is completed, will have the "migration" the conditions.