Multi Sectoral Joint With The Grass-roots Hospital For Chronic Disease Management To Start Will Be Held In Beijing

- Mar 07, 2015-

Hill health medical equipment network, in order to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases and quality control, to meet the basic medical needs of chronic disease. Sponsored by the National Institute of hospital administration, the National Hygienic Standard Committee of medical service standard committee, propaganda project medical service standard Chinese physician associations host (chronic disease management in grassroots hospitals) to start will be held in Beijing.

The project to the medical service standard as the core, to the county hospital as the foundation, to build standard of chronic disease treatment platform for grassroots medical institutions, through the good foundation of the pilot construction of medical service standards Xuanguan base county hospital, radiation to the surrounding more grassroots medical institutions and medical workers, the grass-roots doctors carry out the standards xuanguan.

Make up the short board, slow disease prevention focus on strengthen primary health care

Chronic disease is a major public health problem China, its prevention and control work is still facing severe challenges. Although our country's medical reform has introduced a number of measures, but there is still deficiency on disease cognition, homogenization of serious shortage of medical service, medical institutions at the grassroots "thousands square" generally problems, chronic disease prevention network need to establish a government led, multi sectoral cooperation, the whole society to participate in the the working mechanism and three-dimensional.