Medical Ozone Generator Material

- Jul 08, 2016-

Medical ozone generator material

CANGAS PSA Oxygen Generators had been serving the Ozone production industry for more than 10 years. As raw material for Ozone production, the gaseous oxygen with purity of over 80% produced by CANGAS PSA oxygen generators is enough. However, the higher purity that the input oxygen is, the higher production rate it will be for Ozone production. Also, the gaseous oxygen produced by CANGAS PSA oxygen generators shall be with steady pressure and flow since it is required so. Moreover, the feeding oxygen from PSA oxygen generator shall be with low dew-point and clean enough since the process of Ozone production is of high risk.

The O3 produced in this system by the playing of PSA oxygen generator is with high quality, and it is mainly used in disinfection system in the hospitals. With this property, its application is extended for water treatment in the treatment of municipal sewage, waterworks production, drinks production, food production, cooking oil production, utility industry, aerospace and so on. And along with the development of technology, its potential property will be discovered and its application will be extended further.