Liquid Nitrogen Gas Generator - Portable

- Sep 02, 2015-

CANGAS developed cryogenic nitrogen generation plants in small scale

With the development of science and technology with each passing day, also in order to meet the needs of different customers from different areas, CANGAS developed cryogenic nitrogen generation plants in small scale for easy installation and relocating.


30Nm3/h small liquid nitrogen generator / liquid oxygen generator 
1.Oxygen output: 30Nm3/h 
2.Nitrongen output: 30Nm3/h 
3.O2 purity: 99.6%; N2 purity: 5ppm.

Characteristics of the plant

Purifying air by molecular sieve adsorption makes the process simple, start-up and operation easy and safe, switch-over loss small and rectifying condition stable.


By using the pre-cooling system to cool the air with normal temp. Thus it makes the molecular sieve adsorbent in good condition.

For the use of the automatically controlled filter, the air bearings turbo-expander and the aluminum plate-fin heat exchanger, the stability, safety and reliability of the whole plant are improved greatly.


By using a new construction of the evaporator-condenser to avoid the accumulation of C-H chemical compounds.



Supply of the unit equipment: For convenience of installation, all the flanges used for the nozzles and valves (including the gaskets, bolts and nuts) shall be supplied in pairs.

The machines and equipments shall include the related supports, anchor bolts, nuts, one year’s spare parts an special tools.


1. Air compressor unit, 1set; Type:  Screw air compressor

2. Air pre-cooling system, 1 unit

3. Refrigeration unit, 1 unit

4. Water Separater, 1 set

5. Purification system, 1 unit, Switch-over time:  8h

6. Molecular sieve adsorber, 2 sets

7. Electric heater, 1 set

8. Switch-over valve, 1 unit

9. Filter, 1 set

10. Rectifying column system, 1unit, specs are as below

          Processing air capacity: 1000 m3/h

          LO230N m³/h ± 5%; Purity ≥ 99.6%

         or  LN230N m³/h ± 5%; Purity 99.999%

         Notes: the capacity means the volume flow rate at standard state (0°C, 101.3kPa)

11. Gas bearing turbo-expander, 2sets

12. Cold box, 1 unit