Hospital Medical Benefits To Rent

- Mar 07, 2015-

Many America hospital took the way of medical equipment leasing, on the one hand can tax, on the other hand, can enjoy the maintenance and repair of the original plant. American General Hospital National Medical Service Corporation is the top supplier, the company responsible for the management of 680000 types of medical equipment, has 8700 customers. Medical equipment leased from 10000 to $500000 ($1 6 yuan) range, not only the hospital can sign contract of hire, even the person also can rent these medical devices. America general hospital Service Corporation will according to the requirement of hospital, the hospital provides medical equipment required. At the same time, the hospital can according to their own needs to sign short-term or long-term lease contract. In the lease period, the supply chamber of commerce is responsible for the maintenance and repair. The hospital can not save a small repair costs, but do not have to bear the risk brought by the equipment depreciation.