Encourage The Private Capital To Invest In Liaoning In The Field Of Pension, Health Care Medicine

- Mar 07, 2015-

The limited public resources, only rely on the public hospital, "a doctor is difficult" problem in a short time is difficult to solve. Liaoning has a developed market economy and ample private capital, open health service market, encourage social capital to flow to the medical field, help to solve the insufficiency of the total health resources and the structure of supply and demand imbalance. "Liaoning to encourage social do medical, will guide the private capital to run medical rare in the industry." Song Liangwei deputy director of Liaoning provincial health and Family Planning Commission, told reporters, in direct competition with the private hospitals and public hospitals is very difficult, should take the college, special disease, special industry road, meet specific groups and special needs in customer orientation.

Song Liangwei told reporters, "medicine raise union" will be the future trend of aging, pension services development, medical institutions should provide the pension services, pension institutions to have better medical service. But at present, the hospital professional with Liaoning nursing home in a very small proportion, which provides great development space for private capital to run medical in this field. Health care, rehabilitation hospital at present also belongs to the scarcity of industry, rehabilitation hospital to provide medical care, hospice care, rehabilitation, and other integrated services, will undoubtedly have a geriatric patients welcome. With the aging of the population, and constantly enhance the consciousness of health care, need more and more people care, rehabilitation therapy. At present, the elderly rehabilitation medical market is increasingly hot, is attracting more and more involved in private hospital. Song Liangwei said, this field also they should guide the private capital to participate in the industry.

Some state-owned enterprises hospital, because of various reasons in