Diy Liquid Nitrogen Generator

- Sep 28, 2015-

Diy small scale liquid nitrogen generator is available now from CANGAS

Every customer is an particular end user. Keeping this in mind, CANGAS developed new technology to meet all the customers' requirements by diy small scale liquid nitrogen generator since large-scale ones are matured products.

This kind of small scale liquid nitrogen generator would produce liquid nitrogen with purity of 99.99% and capacity of 30~100L/H. With this small scale, the installation and relocation of CANGAS diy liquid nitrogen generator would be easier than ever. This also makes its moveable possible.

Since the nitrogen is so useful and widely used in national production, this liquid nitrogen technology would change the patterns of nitrogen applications.It'll also open up new application areas of liquid nitrogen.

CANGAS is glad to receive any inquiry about this diy small scale liquid nitrogen generator from any corner of the world.