Concentrate Together To Build CAN GAS Dream

- Jan 21, 2020-

At about 10 am, although colleagues in Hebei were late due to traffic congestion, which did not affect the joy of getting together. After a little rectification, we started the 2019 summary conference of CAN GAS Solution Co., Ltd and the Anual summary conference has become a tradition of CAN GAS for more than 20 years .During the most reunion days of CAN GAS, everyone can get together to share results and review insufficient ,also in order to show the sincerity and integrity of CAN GAS people. At the conference, colleagues from Beijing, Hebei and Lhasa brought different speeches of working achievements and feelings during 2019.

After lunch, the meeting continued until 2 pm , then started the theme of this year's event "Climb to the Peak of Xiangshan ". After the meeting, the host announced the rules of the event: a total of three check-in locations in Xiangshan, Climb stage determines the amount of bonuses that everyone receives. After receiving the checkpoints, everyone completed this year's "family portrait" in accordance with tradition, and began to "climb to the peak." The first group of competion reached the end of the game in just forty minutes. Along the way, everyone scrambled through the barriers and passed effortlessly.

At 5 pm, we came to the dinner place again to tast delicious food, celebrate 2019, and welcome 2020 to pursue CAN GAS Dream together !