Beauty Medical Companies Using Ultrasonic Developed Breast Cancer Detector Slice

- Mar 07, 2015-

Hill health medical equipment network, recently American dolphin medical company developed a "ultrasonic sections of breast cancer detection instrument", avoid the harm of traditional medical X ray examination of the body. This equipment has been gained by American FDA approval, because the detection cost is very low, may become the future one examination items.

Ultrasound is harmless to the human body, this machine is the use of ultrasound in reflecting effect of water to detect breast cancer cells, it says that it has the advantages of simple structure is indeed the case, which is composed of a display, test bench, ultrasonic sensor module (core are in the ring) component and a large water tank, patients need to lie in on the test bed at the time of detection, with a small hole in the chest of the place, the hole is the ultrasonic sensor, patients need to be close to the chest natural holes, then the machine through the ring of ultrasonic transmitting, passed around the sensor and imager, special image capture of breast cancer cells in high frequency acoustic reflection process