ASU HPNGU Membrane Nitrogen Generator High Pressure For Oil & Gas Industries

- Mar 13, 2020-

High Pressure Nitrogen Generation Unit (HPNGU) for Oil & Gas Industries

CAME-HPC series N2 generation unit is a containerized N2 generator, developed for  oil and gas applications, especially for under-balanced drilling and enhanced oil recovery , with highly compact, 2 types of driving models and versatile adaptability design, the CAME-HPC series N2 unit is excellent in performance, convenience and stability.


CAME-HPC N2 Generation Unit Specifications





N2 Flowrate







N2 Purity

95%~99.5% Adjustable

95%~99.5% Adjustable

95%~99.5% Adjustable

Outlet Pressure




Driving Model

Diesel-powered or Electric-powered


Heavy-duty skid and containerized



Membrane N2 Separation technology

Smart Control: Standard CANBUS color touch screen automatic control system

Compact: Heavy-duty skid and containerized, all system built into 2 containers

Versatile Configuration Options: High adaptability


PSA N2 Separation technology options is available

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