AHA Scientific Sessions Will Be Held On November 15-11 In Chicago May 19

- Mar 07, 2015-

"Big Data" is established by means of tools and methods beyond the traditional data processing methods used by the large, complex data sets, the challenges it faces,  including data acquisition, annotation,  storage, sharing,  transformation, analysis and visualization.
Future reports based on data patterns exist, all the data will be integrated by big data platform for the study of more medical disease to provide more detailed and more accurate data support, the conference focuses on the existing health care resources to explore data of.
Cardiovascular disease researchers, clinicians and policy makers are increasingly faced with large, complex data sets, these data sets spanning genomics and other genomics, molecular imaging, human cardiovascular effects of cardiovascular disease and stroke monitoring,  emergency care and  clinical decision limits, electronic health monitoring, and health system policies. We have entered the "big data"  era, and usher in an unprecedented opportunity to deal with these large data.