Mini Nitrogen Generator

Mini Nitrogen Generator

Cryogenic air separation plant is a traditional method to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air. Through air compressor/cooler and purification system, compressed air is cooled and water/impurities are removed from it. With expander supplying coolant nitrogen and oxygen are separated by...
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Product Details

Air separation plant is a traditional method to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air. Through air compressor and purification system, impurities are removed from it. 

Product information

Key Features:

√ Compact: Built-in high quality oil-injected screw compressor, dryer and Multi-stage filters

√ Reliable and stable: 7*24hrs design, no performance degradation

√ Low Noise: Sturdy and noise reduction Industrial cabinet

√ Convenient and easy installation: Plug in and run design

√ High Efficiency: Low power consumption

√ Reliable: 20 years plus time-proven PSA technology

√ Versatile Configuration Options: High adaptability






Buying guides

for  PSA Oxygen Generator/O2 generator/Oxygen plant or PSA Nitrogen Generator/N2 generator/Nitrogen plant: 

The following points need to be confirmed by the purchaser before quoting and purchasing.
1. Country and standards (CE, PED, ASME, UL, API, GHOST, etc.);
2. Application;
3. Site conditions: altitude, temperature, humidity, surroundings, power supply specifications;
4. Basic requirements on capacity: purity, displacement (max output flow), product gas delivery pressure;
5. Any special requirements, such as for medical, short delivery time, shockproof, explosionproof, portable, movable, oil- free for product gas, no harmful gases (CO, CO2, SO2, etc.) in product gas, low dew-point, ....

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