Metal Working Use Oxygen Generator PSA

Metal Working Use Oxygen Generator PSA

The CAN GAS PSA Oxygen Generator is a skid mounted system of generating high purity gaseous oxygen used for applications like medical industry, chemical industry, oxygen enrichment projects in areas of high altitude, metallurgy, papermaking, glass and glazed industry, biotechnology and so on
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Product Details


Oxygen purity: 99%±0.5%

Oxygen capacity: 1~200Nm 3 /h

Delivery pressure: 4-5barg or customized


Key Features:

All-in-one design, all systems are integrated on a skid or two skids for easy installation and operation

High efficient and stable

Fully automatic control

Low maintenance

Time-proven technology & design


√ Dependable controlling system and processing valves ensure reliable performance



Main Application:

Cutting, Welding


Lab Researching

Civil/Military Airport Ground Support/Service

Lab Researching

Medical & Home Care

Mining, Mineral Processing, Gold Processing

Flow chart for reference only:


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