Membrane Nitrogen Generator System In Fire Preservation

Nitrogen is an environmentally acceptable, people friendly inert gas fire suppression agent for vital facilities with a wide range of hazards.

Product Details

Nitrogen fire suppression utilize Nitrogen, which is naturally occurring inert gas present in the atmosphere.  It is safe for use in occupied spaces and poses no threat to the environment. Nitrogen operates as a fire suppressant by reducing the oxygen content within a room to a point at which the fire will disappear.

CanGas membrane nitrogen geneator is specially designed for fire preservation in hazardous area with relative low oxygen purity level. With CanGas high performance nitrogen generator and automatic oxygen level controlling technology, a safe and stable low oxygen environment can be built. 

It composed of air compressor heater, air dryer,membrane nitrogen generator and pipling,diffusers and storage tank. connnected to Automatic Fire-Fighting Systems. Fire protection complex (ISA-ASPT) is designed for automation of fire protection facilities at hazardous production sites and performs the following functions: Collection and processing of data from sensors.