Medical Oxygen Making & Cylinder Filling System

Medical Oxygen Making & Cylinder Filling System

CANGAS PSA oxygen generator is a compact on-site oxygen generation system, which can replace cylinders or cryogenic oxygen supply system. With the strengths of compact, low cost, easily operated, and convenient, it has been widely used in many kinds of fields such as petrochemical, electric steel furnaces, glass making, paper making, ozone generation, aquaculture, aerospace, medical industry, etc
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Product Details

Key Features:

√ Proven  PSA  technology,  reliable  and economic.

√ Purity ranges 93% to 99.5% the highest purity of PSA O2 generator in China. 

√ Fully automatic control and standalone run.

√ Compact design with small foot print, easy installation.

√ Plug and run design.

√ Low maintenance.



Main application:

√ Medical & Home Care

√ Outdoor Sports (diving, mountaineering)

√ High-altitude Flight, Interplanetary Flight,                   

√  Military/Civil AviationCutting, Welding

√ Lab Researching

√ Civil/Military Airport                  

√ Ground Support/Service

√ Oxygen Cylinder Filling 

√ Gas company

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