portable medical oxygen generator Medical Oxygen Generator System

Medical Oxygen Generator System
Product Details

CANGAS® medical PSA oxygen generator, continuously produce high quality 93% medical oxygen, the quality of the product oxygen meets the standards of medical respiratory oxygen.It ends days when medical facilities have to rely on traditional costly liquid oxygen and cylinder oxygen. 

CANGAS® CAP-O series medical oxygen generator is specifically designed for medical facilities central oxygen supply, passed related medical equipment Registration Certification, and as medical gas, it meets the United States Pharmacopoeia (UPS) XXI Oxygen 93% Monograph.

CANGAS® medical system wins good reputation from the customers from China Mainland, Kazakhstan, USA, Angola, Myanmar etc.


* Reliable and Stable: years experience and time-proven systems, stable and reliable

* Convenient: Fully automatic control, a complete turnkey solution.

Except oxygen plants, there are vacuum system, medical air systems, piping system, accessories etc.