China Professional 21 Years Manufacturer Nitrogen Generator

China Professional 21 Years Manufacturer Nitrogen Generator

TOP quality Durable Dependable Reliabe PSA Membrane Mobile PSA nitrogen generator Factory price For CanGas ® Compact Nitrogen Generator Packages, there are different types with different technologies. Check below. Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Air Separation Membrane Air Separation Cryogenic...
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TOP quality Durable Dependable Reliabe PSA Membrane Mobile

PSA nitrogen generator Factory price


For CanGas® Compact Nitrogen Generator Packages, there are different types with different technologies. Check below.


Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Air Separation

Membrane Air Separation

Cryogenic Air Separation


All these technologies are time proven air separation technologies and widely used in various applications in all industries, however due to small size/footprint with big nitrogen flow and high nitrogen purity up to 99.9999% (1ppm), flexible, easy installation and operation, minimum maintenance, trouble free, CAN Gas onsite PSA nitrogen generation package is mostly chosen by users from the world, and where ever membrane/cryogenic nitrogen generator is applicable, PSA nitrogen generator is applicable, let's say PSA N2 package is to replace membrane or cryogenic N2 packages. Of course, each type has its own advantages and limitations and they all have preferable applications in some level.


To realize compact design and arrangement, CAN Gas is able to manufacture the N2 packages in different ways in below.


Box-type - Not for cryogenic

All-in-one (box, skid, trailer, truck, container) - Not for cryogenic

Skid mounted - Not for cryogenic

Trailer mounted - Not for cryogenic

Truck mounted - Not for cryogenic

Containerized - Not for cryogenic


As to the capacity, CAN Gas nitrogen packages covers a wide ranges for various applications


Nitrogen purity: 95% ~ 99.9999% (1ppm)

Nitrogen flow: 1 ~ 10,000 Nm³/h (353,147 SCFH)

Nitrogen pressure: 0 ~ 50MPa (5,075 psi) adjustable

Nitrogen dewpoint: -40℃ ~ -110℃ customizable


Key Features of CanGas® Nitrogen Generator

  • Minimum footprint with high integration

  • All-in-one: no installation is required, plug and play, just like a TV

  • Fully automatic control:one key controls everything

  • Standard redundancy DCS communication interface for remote monitor & control

  • 7*24 auto run, unattended

  • Easy to handle, operate or maintain, no need dedicated operator

  • Durable, dependable, reliable, trouble free

  • Cost-saving, energy-saving, minimum operation cost

  • Low cost but top quality, minimum capital investment

  • Service life over 20 years

  • 7*24 online support, consultation and service, overseas service center & onsite service are available

  • Design & manufacture are all by CAN GAS, we are not reseller or trader, but manufacturer & exporter


It's good to know who CAN Gas is and what we can do. See below.


21 years field/design/manufacture/engineering/researching experience, founded in 1998.

Headquarters in Capital City of China - Beijing, center of Beijing, 2nd ring road.

Has its own factory in Hebei province which is close to Beijing - 50 minutes driving.

3 branch companies in Northeast, Northwest and Southeast China.

Exported first nitrogen unit in 2003.

Developed 30+ official long term dependable distributor/agent/dealer/reseller/partner/cooperator/service center and sold over 3,000 CanGas® N2/O2 units in more than 70 countries worldwide including China Mainland, Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Australia, North/South Korea, Singapore, Malaya, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Srilanka, Madagascar, Mauritius, Ghana, Angola, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Spain, UK, Greece, Cyprus, UAE, Sadi Arab, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Yemen, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia......

CAN Gas attends CANTON FAIR 2 times every year Under Any Circumstance, come and see!


You have difficulties? See my answers below.


I have low budget, but I want best quality.

Quality is never a problem in CAN Gas. We offer best solution to fit your budget.


Shipping costs will be high if I import N2 packages from CAN Gas in China.

Come on, what a world village it is now! CAN Gas will help to handle it. We offer CIF terms or other preferable terms by customer to put shipping issues aside.


I don't have a team to handle it, say installation, operation and maintenance.

Oh, remember it is listed above that this compact package can be designed and manufactured installation-free, plug and play. With CANBUS-HMI Smart Auto Control system, operating is super easy - just one button, and it is minimum maintenance!


If parts breakdown or need periodical maintenance, it'll mess up to me.

Oh, it is trouble free with parts of standard model from famous manufacturer in the world and available locally, also with reliable performance, you can also 2 or 5 years spare parts with the package, and CAN Gas has normal stock of consumable & easy-break parts which can be delivered right away. Most importantly, CAN Gas local service centers & online consultation, support, service are available by Email, phonecall, voicecall, videocall, MSN, Facebook, Viber, Line, Whatsapp, Wechat, QQ and so on, and CAN Gasservice engineer can get to user jobsite in 48 hours after VISA granted for onsite warranty or out-of-warranty services. CAN Gas surely offer free factory training for 6 days if you can send your staff to our factory, or onsite commissioning & training service with fees.

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