Machine For Produce Oxygen

Machine For Produce Oxygen

Oxygen generators have a range of applications, from providing vital life support to medical patients, to aerating wastewater, promoting biological treatment, boosting the yield of gold mines, and helping hatchery trout thrive. CANGAS Systems offers a comprehensive range of top-quality oxygen generators for a wide variety of purposes.
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Applications That Frequently Use Oxygen Generators

·         Fish Farms/Hatcheries

·         Brazing

·         Acetylene Welding/Cutting

·         Cutting

·         Jewelry Manufacturing

·         Hospitals

·         Aquaculture

·         Laboratories

·         Veterinarians

·         Medical Clinics

·         First Responders

·         Glass Blowers

·         Waste Water Treatment

·         Ethanol Production/Bio-Fuels

Reasons Companies Choose to Generate Their Own Oxygen

Previously, businesses, hospitals and industries had no other option than to purchase oxygen in bulk to meet their needs; however, that method of attaining oxygen is in the past. The oxygen generating systems we offer at Can Gas Systems provide facilities and industries in need of oxygen an alternative with on-site, self-generating systems.

Simple to Use and No Contracts to Sign

At Can Gas Systems, our clients are given several options. These options include purchasing, renting or leasing our oxygen generating systems. Our oxygen generators generally last a long time if low-cost maintenance tasks are performed. Proper maintenance can make these systems last for decades.

Reliable – with our oxygen generating systems, clean and fresh O2 is always available. Oxygen on demand provides companies a way to attain purity levels between 95 percent to 99.5 percent.
Versatile – many of the systems we offer are portable; thus, making them capable of functioning anywhere electrical power and air are available. This includes even the areas of the world with the harshest conditions and extreme climates.
Safe – with O2 generators, there is no need to store cylinders; furthermore, our systems have a low operating pressure.
A Touch Screen Control – offers users an easy way to set purity levels, view operation diagrams, troubleshoot diagnostic issues and remember to perform maintenance tasks.
More Economical than Many of the Other Options – using an on-site oxygen generating system to create oxygen instead of purchasing dewars or cylinders is much more cost effective. The elimination of delivery fees, long-term contracts, price increases and cylinder rental ensure that an on-site O2 generating system pays for itself quickly.
Fully Automatic – when the machine detects demand downstream, production begins.

At CAN GAS SYSTEMS, we customize oxygen generating systems to meet the unique needs of each client. To learn more about the various systems available, contact Can Gas Systems today.

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