Nitrogen Plant PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

Nitrogen Plant PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

Lower running cost than nitrogen plant, PSA nitrogen generator plant Easy installation Simple operation Automatic control for Electronics With 30 years of field experience and 21 years of manufacture experience, obtained CE, BV, ISO certificates, CAN GAS Systems Company Limited is a...
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PSA nitrogen generator plant

 With 30 years of field experience and 21 years of manufacture experience, obtained CE, BV, ISO certificates, CAN GAS Systems Company Limited is a hi-tech company specializing in research and development, manufacture and service of the gas equipment. CAN GAS was established in 1998 in Beijing, capital city of China. Our 60% products are exported to foreign countries, such as Europe, America, southeast Asia, Africa, Australia and so on, more than 100 countries around the world. Advanced high-tech products is set up the "Made in China " a new generation of high quality image.

We have cryogenic air separation equipment, PSA & membrane nitrogen generator, PSA, VSA, membrane and VPSA oxygen generator. Our company has a number of products obtained national patent.

Type of cryogenic air separation equipment has high degree automation,the design process is simple, convenient in operation and maintenance.High purity, high recovery rate, low energy consumption, stable and reliable running of gas. PSA nitrogen generator and PSA oxygen generator with advanced technological process.greatly improving the energy performance of our products,energy-saving achieve 10-20% than other do.

Gas equipment leasing is a new business. For the large users,we provide design, production, installation, maintenance, operating with a full range of services, users just only provide venue and power to use qualified gas.

We mature production and maintenance experience is the guarantee of gas users. Strong financial strength allow the user to save the investment of fixed equipment of pressure. According to the “Peace to follow the correct path, specializing in the most valuable products and services. Our vision: provide safe, high quality gas for all users. 

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CAN GAS CAPN series pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator - Nitrogen Plant PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant

CAPN series pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator is an air separation unit that uses carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and utilizes the difference in adsorption rate of oxygen and nitrogen molecular  by molecular sieve in compressed air, to directly produce nitrogen from compressed air by the principle of pressure adsorption and desorption. The CAPN Series Nitrogen Generator is a convenient, cost-effective on-site nitrogen generation system that is widely used in a variety of industries with time-proven reliability & durability.

Nitrogen Plant PSA Nitrogen Generator Plant Key Features

Fast and stable on-site nitrogen production, qualified nitrogen can be produced within a minimum time of 10~20 minutes after started.


Lower energy consumption by applying more efficient and stable molecular sieves and unique PSA energy-saving technology


Longer time and higher reliability of high performance & operation under standard configuration of water level alarm and multi-protection technology on molecular sieve.


Air and nitrogen tanksare prefabricated in the same skid with nitrogen generator for easy & quick installation at

customer jobsite. 

Easy & quick installation at customer jobsite through prefabricated air and nitrogen tanks in the same skid with nitrogen generator.

Local and remote controlling & monitoring can be realized by optional CANBUS multi-function monitoring system and Wi-Ctrl remote wireless monitoring system. The operating conditions of the system are under control.


Proprietary nitrogen purity control technology meets the needs of a variety of nitrogen applications in different industries.

A number of patented technologies and original technology applications make the equipment upgraded entirely with energy saving and environmental friendly.

Beautiful and durable by powder electrostatic spray process applied in surface treatment.


7*24 hours comprehensive and professional service.

Special models can be customized for petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food, ASME, explosion-proof, Classification Society Certification and other special institutions.

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