Liquid Oxygen Plant

Liquid Oxygen Plant
Product Details

 All the products are in liquid form liquid oxygen plant is easy to store and transport in huge amount each time, which is so convenient that it helps the user to save time and money. Working pressure is lower than 1.0Mpa. Main parts of liquid oxygen plant are positive flow expansion and refrigeration as well as twin-tower distillation with high rate of extraction. Very high purity liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen could be produced at the same time @ capacity of liquid oxygen production from 50Nm3/h to 1000Nm3/h. The purities of the production oxygen and nitrogen are respectively 99.6% and above 99.99%.


v  The working pressure and oxygen pressure could be customized on the users’ demand.

v  The plant energy consumption of liquid oxygen production depends on the actual technological process.

v  Production of liquid nitrogen is optional as user requirements.