Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Generator

CANGAS Cryogenic/Liquid Oxygen Generator For Sale With 18 years of experience in air separation products, CANAGS also manufacture Liquid/Cryogenic oxygen generators and liquid nitrogen generators as per the latest technology & design. This technology has been proven all over...
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CANGAS Oxygen Generator For Sale


With 21 years of experience in air separation products, CANAGS also manufacture oxygen generators and nitrogen generators as per the latest technology & design. This technology has been proven all over the world for its working efficiency & trouble free operation. The Air Separation Column of CANGAS results in very low power consumption and high production.

Oxygen generators designed and developed by CANGAS are very welcome all over the world with a number of features, including low maintenance, high performance, no wear & tear and low power consumption. Oxygen generators made by CANAGS are capable of producing highly pure  oxygen and nitrogen with purity up to 99.5% and 99.9995% respectively. CANAGS  oxygen generators are widely applicated in the areas below.

Glass burning & blowing, Ozone generation industry, Aquaculture/ fish farm, Gold mining, Paper and pulp, industrial use/metal cutting, healthcare, combustion-supporting, medical use, hospitals, water-treatment and so on...

HospitalMedical oxygen for breath
Burning process (glass craft, ampoule making, thermal power)Enhances burning efficiency
Ozone generationRaw material to make O3
Waste water disposalOxidization of waste content
AquacultureOxygen enriched water improves life of fishes
FermentationBetter atmosphere for fermentation
Diving, mountaineering,For breathing
High-altitude flight, interplanetary flight, civil aviationFor breathing
Cutting, weldingBurns to produce heat
Engineering BlastingTo make liquid oxygen explosive
MetallurgyIronmaking, steelmaking
Oxygen enrichingBar, meeting room, office, dorm, homes
MiningReacts with minerals to increase separation rate
Chemical engineeringTo make vitriol, nitric acid, etc.
Paper and pulpPulp bleaching


  • Latest Italian technology

  • Low manpower and electricity requirement

  • Ready to install, stainless steel and leak proof column

  • Components of international market

  • Round the clock performance guarantee

  • Single Electric Panel

  • Heavy Duty Compressor for 24 Hour Operation

CANAGS is one of the Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers Of Oxygen Generators. CANAGS Oxygen Generators Are Being Manufactured As Per The Latest Technology & Design of high production, high Working Efficiency & Trouble Free Operation.

A Type Range – 1 Nm3/hr To 1000 Nm3/hr of  oxygen production generators are ready at your orders. You are welcome to consult anything about this business.

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