Nitrogen Making Machine Plant

Nitrogen Making Machine Plant

Liquid nitrogen making machine plant uses Cryogenic air separation, which is a traditional method to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air. Through air compressor/cooler and purification system, compressed air is cooled and water/impurities are removed from it. With expander supplying coolant...
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CAPN series pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator uses carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and utilizes the difference of adsorption amount of oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the molecular sieve in compressed air, and directly prepares nitrogen from compressed air by the principle of pressure adsorption and desorption. The CAPN Series Nitrogen Generator is a convenient, cost-effective on-site nitrogen system that is widely used in a variety of industries with time-proven reliability.

Main Features:

1.Fast and stable on-site nitrogen production, with a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes to produce qualified nitrogen.

2.Applied more efficient and stable molecular sieves and unique PSA energy-saving technology, lower energy consumption.

3.The standard configuration includes molecular sieve water pollution protection alarm device and multi-molecular sieve protection technology to ensure that the nitrogen generator can run stably for a longer period of time.

4.The air tank, the nitrogen tank and the nitrogen generator are prefabricated in the same way, and the user installation on site is simple and quick.

5.Optional CANBUS multi-function monitoring system and Wi-Ctrl remote wireless monitoring system can realize local monitoring and remote monitoring of the equipment, and realize remote upgrade of the system. The operating conditions of the system are under control.

6.Proprietary nitrogen purity control technology to meet the needs of a variety of nitrogen applications in different industries.

7.A number of patented technologies and original technology applications, equipment upgrades, energy saving and environmental friendly.

8.The surface treatment of the equipment adopts the powder electrostatic spray process, which is beautiful and durable.

9.7*24 hours comprehensive and professional service.

10.Can be customized to meet petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food, ASME, explosion-proof, classification society certification and other special institutions.

Nitrogen making machine plant uses air separation, which is a traditional method to separate nitrogen and oxygen from air. Through air compressor and purification system, compressed air is impurities are removed from it, nitrogen and oxygen are separated.


Both gaseous are available as per users’ requirements.


1.nitrogen making machine plant is of full low-pressure orthoflow expansion process, using molecular sieve purification system, which greatly enhance the stability, security and reliable of operation.

2.The fractionating column adopts aluminum sieve plate column, whose plate rectification achieves the best effect after being precision calculated and manufactured by us, so the height of column is reduced. The oxygen & nitrogen recovery ratios of the column are high and the output regulating range is large.

3.Nitrogen making machine plant are reasonable and the occupation area of the plant is small. It can be operated easily and various data can be monitored by on-line digital indicator.

4.Comparing to the full low-pressure reflux flow expansion process, the pure nitrogen output of the plant is higher.

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