N2 Production Plant

N2 Production Plant

 For CANGAS® cryogenic liquid nitrogen generation plant, the working pressure of the whole plant is less than 0.7Mpa. Operation is simple, flexible and safe while energy consumption is very low. The process of liquid nitrogen plant includes molecular sieve adsorption towers, gas...
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 For CANGAS® nitrogen generation plant,Operation is simple, flexible and safe while energy consumption is very low.

CanGas® typical PSA system is composed of PSA generator with a control unit and oxygen monitor. The complete operating system also requires air package consisting of air compressor, air dryer, filters, air-receiving tank and product N2/O2 tank. We adopt different configurations according to different applications of different nitrogen consumption with different pressure levels at low energy consumption. Certain amount of nitrogen is available at the same time according to customers’ requirements. The production capacity of nitrogen plants could be from 5Nm3/h to 5000Nm3/h @ purity of above 99.995%.


v  The working pressure and nitrogen pressure could be customized on the users’ demand.

v  The unit energy consumption of nitrogen production depends on the actual technological process.  

v  Production of oxygen is optional as user requirements.

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