N2 And O2 Generator Factory

N2 And O2 Generator Factory

For CANGAS ®  liquid N2/O2 generator, the working pressure of the whole plant is less than 1.0Mpa. Operation is simple, ...
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For CANGAS® N2/O2 generator, Operation is simple, flexible and safe while energy consumption is very low.

CanGas® typical PSA system is composed of PSA generator with a control unit and oxygen monitor. The complete operating system also requires air package consisting of air compressor, air dryer, filters, air-receiving tank and product N2/O2 tank.

We adopt different configurations according to different applications of different N2/O2 consumption with different pressure levels @ low energy consumption. 

  Certain amount of N2/O2 is available at the same time according to customers’ requirements. The capacity of N2/O2 production could be from 1Nm3/h to 5000Nm3/h @ purity of above 99.9995%/99.5%. 


The working pressure and N2/O2 pressure could be customized on the users’ demand.

The unit energy consumption of  N2/O2 production depends on the actual technological process. 

Production of gaseous  N2/O2 is optional as user requirements.

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