Why install the buffer tank?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Air Buffer tank function: keep the feeding air pressure stable, the two nitrogen/oxygen generator adsorption towers switches once every minute, and the boosting time per switching is only 1~2 seconds, which means that the instantaneous gas consumption is very large, if there is no air tank with buffering effect, the compressed air directly enters the nitrogen/oxygen generator, the air cleaning system in the front stage of the nitrogen/oxygen generator can not process a large amount of compressed air in an instant, so that a large amount of compressed air containing water and oil directly enters the nitrogen/oxygen generator, which inevitably makes the molecular sieve poisoned, shortening the service life of molecular sieves, reducing gas production rate and increasing cost.

Nitrogen buffer tanks will give backflow of nitrogen to the adsorption tower to be operated at the beginning of the nitrogen production process - adsorption. On the one hand, the consumption of compressed air can be reduced, and on the other hand, nitrogen can be quickly obtained to meet the purity requirements.