Which oxygen supply is more expensive, Comparison between oxygen cylinders liquid oxygen supply and oxygen generator

- Sep 27, 2019-

Among the three methods mentioned above liquid oxygen supply systems and oxygen cylinders does not require an initial investment, however PSA oxygen generators require an initial outlay of a huge amount. But this doesn’t mean that the third option is more expensive than the others; Why? We will find out.

Liquid oxygen supply systems require lot of space and must be set up such that they are accessible to the tankers to refill them. Almost 20% of the oxygen stored in liquid oxygen supply systems is lost due to evaporation, which means that liquid oxygen cannot be stored in these systems for extended periods. And it also means that these systems needs refilling at regular intervals. Another point to be noted is, liquid oxygen is more expensive than compressed gaseous oxygen. Only large hospitals with great requirements for oxygen would depend on liquid oxygen supply systems. Also there is a risk of huge volume of oxygen being released into the atmosphere accidentally, which can be very dangerous.

The use compressed oxygen cylinders are the most widely used method for meeting the medical oxygen requirements in hospitals. But oxygen cylinders are also vulnerable to the evaporation loss and therefore cannot be stored for extended periods. Oxygen cylinders therefore need to be purchased on regular intervals and therefore there is recurring cost of purchase and transportation of cylinders. Also oxygen cylinders must be handled with utmost care as pure oxygen under pressure is very reactive.

Though PSA systems require a huge initial outlay, there is no recurring costs associated with these systems other than the cost of electricity. So in the long run the costs associated with the running of PSA oxygen generators is much less when compared with the other two methods. And also when compared with oxygen cylinders the payback period for PSA systems is much less, may even be less than 15 months. So in the long run, the use of PSA oxygen generators is more profitable than the use of compressed oxygen cylinders or liquid oxygen supply systems.