What is the role of PSA nitrogen generators in the wine industry?

- May 30, 2018-

The application of PSA nitrogen generators in various industries is more and more extensive. Small scale nitrogen generators gives users simple introduction to the role played by nitrogen generators in the wine industry.

No effect on wine: Nitrogen produced by onsite PSA nitrogen generators is odorless, tasteless, colorless, has no effect on beer taste; can be mixed with CO2. When the recovered CO2 is not enough, it can be mixed with nitrogen and CO2, which is more economical than CO2 alone.

Nitrogen significantly changes the performance of beer foam: Nitrogen is dissolved in the beer, releasing very fine bubbles, making the beer foam more delicate, long-lasting, hanging cup; not reacting with lye: preparing the sake tank with nitrogen, by features of nitrogen and lye, the reaction is washed with an alkali solution when washing the tank, which not only improves the utilization of alkali but also avoids formation of a vacuum in the tank.

Easy to use: Nitrogen generators is not restricted by the fermentation of wine, and has the advantages of simple operation, quick start, and ready to use at any time. Generally, the nitrogen generator produces qualified nitrogen in 20 minutes after startup; the cost is lower: Nitrogen uses air as raw material, and nitrogen is separated from the air by the adsorption nitrogen generator, which has the characteristics of low investment and low operating cost.