What is the influence of ambient conditions at the place of installation?

- Sep 26, 2019-

Ambient conditions at the place of installation are very important on the performance of a PSA system.

Temperature: has a significant impact on compressor and dryer performance. The ambient condition of inlet air to the air compressor affects the net weight of the final delivered compressed air to the system. Increases in ambient air temperature reduce the efficiency of air compressors and air dryers. Proper ventilation and ducting of the “compressor room” is required to maintain inlet air temperatures within design specifications. Design working temperatures shall be maintained if the compressors/dryers/boosters are air cooled.

Altitude: Altitude increases, the weight of the atmosphere will be less, resulting in less oxygen or nitrogen in the air for air separation, then compressor will need more power to pump same amount of air as that in flat areas. If you are high in altitude, then you need to oversize the compressor.

Humidity: Humidity affect is not as dramatic as rise in altitude or temperature. However, extremes need to be taken care of and proper measures shall be taken out.