What is the advantage using PSA oxygen generator to replace cylinder oxygen

- Sep 27, 2019-

Though compressed oxygen cylinders are the most commonly used means for meeting the demand for pure oxygen in different fields, extreme care must be taken while handling 

compressed oxygen cylinders, since pure oxygen under pressure is very reactive. Other materials can catch fire spontaneously in the presence of pure oxygen. Also handling of high pressure oxygen cylinders is not easy. Improper handling can result in accidents like sprain, fractures etc. Also compressed oxygen in cylinders cannot be stored for long periods since oxygen will be lost from the cylinders through evaporation. Also there is a risk of fire or explosion that can be caused by the gas escaping accidentally from the cylinders.

Other advantages of using PSA oxygen generators over compressed oxygen cylinders can be attributed to the cost factor and availability of oxygen cylinders. Oxygen cylinders needs to be bought on a regular basis as they cannot be stored for long periods. Though Oxygen generators require huge initial investment, the long term running cost for oxygen generators is much less when compared with oxygen cylinders. And the payback period for oxygen generators is usually less than 15 months.

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