The world's first touch bionic hand successfully developed for amputees to spread the gospel

- Mar 07, 2015-

According to the British "Daily Mail Department of orthopedics plate" website reported on February 18th, a medical in Italy Rome research team recently announced they have developed a new bionic hand, it not only can perform complex actions, but also through the connection with patients with nervous system to allow patients to experience a "realistic" touch.

Reportedly, currently on the market most of the prosthesis can only play the role of the support body, and can not be body contact with the outside world translates into neural signals, so it can't be brought to patients feeling. In addition, studies show that, up to half of the hand amputation patients doesn't like using their artificial limbs, because these prostheses made them feel uncomfortable, difficult and their com. While the new bionic hand can effectively improve the situation, it is through the nervous system electrode and the patients after connection, the patient can like ordinary people use their ideas to dominate the bionic hand movements, and bionic hand can also be a corresponding feedback signal to the brain.