Smart One-stop On-site Industrial High Purity PSA Nitrogen Generator for all kinds of leak test machinery parts, air conditioner

- Apr 16, 2019-


Smart One-stop On-site Industrial High Purity PSA Nitrogen Generator for all kinds of leak test machinery parts, air conditioner




Trust CANGAS you'll save more: Lowest power consumption 0.1kw/h. No machine room to be built. Automatically work. Low investment. least maintenance. 

Nitrogen production package Applications

For preventing oxidation &inertisation, CANGAS nitrogen gas generators are widely used in industries of Food packing, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Bottles sealing, Laser machine, Metallurgy,Electronics, Petrol chemical, Aluminum, Aerospace, etc.

Some types of leak testing involve using tracer gases to locate manufacturing defects in a product. During gas leak detection process, products are placed in a pressurized chamber and filled with a traceable gas. If there are any cracks, weak seals or other defects, the gas will seep though, allowing the location of the defect to be identified.

Using Gas Leak Detection Systems to Prevent Costly Issues

Gas leak detection systems are used by a wide range of industries and are an effective tool for determining product safety. Identifying product defects prior to full production helps verify product integrity, prevent costly issues and recalls, and provide a safer product for consumers.
Nitrogen and other tracer gases are used for testing micro-leaks in numerous industries and applications. Common uses for gas handling equipment and tracer gases include:

The modifications of nitrogen gas supply system were made by onsite PSA N2 generation package installation in each compartment where sodium equipments were installed, in order to suppress sodium fires and have quick closure of the accidents by injecting nitrogen gas into the compartment where a sodium leak occurred when sodium in the equipments of secondary heat transport system leaked. The functions and the performances of these modified system and equipments were confirmed in Function Test of Nitrogen Gas Injection System.

A nitrogen leak test was made of the Department of Energy Strategic Petroleum Reserve Well 102A at Bayou Choctaw in May to June 1982. The test indicated a well leak rate of 32 bbls/yr of nitrogen at a pressure of 1844 psia, well within the SPR leak rate criterion of 100 bbls/yr. The test was made with a layer of oil above the 14-inch casing hanger seal because previous tests had indicated considerable nitrogen leakage past this seal. If the hanger seal is not repaired or if a layer of oil above the seal is not maintained during operation with a nitrogen or other gaseous blanket, the leak rate past the seal is expected to be much higher than the well leak rate measured.