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- Nov 12, 2015-

Air separation process and system with gas turbine drivers

An integrated gas turbine and air separation process and system having an air separation unit integrated with a gas turbine-driven air compression system which operates using fuel as the primary energy source. Feed air for the air separation unit is provided by two separate compressors driven by the gas turbine expander wherein one compressor provides air to the air separation unit and to the gas turbine combustor, and the other compressor provides feed air to the air separation unit. The ability to control an integrated air separation/gas turbine process during off-design or turndown conditions is improved by the use of two air compressors in the present invention compared with the usual single compressor gas turbine system. In the design of the integrated gas turbine and air separation system, the power requirement for a given air compression duty can be matched more readily to the power output of an available expansion turbine when two air compressors are used rather than a single air compressor.