Russian scientists have developed a new type of tumor detector

- Mar 07, 2015-

Locking plate working at CERN -- high energy physics laboratory a group of Russian scientists developed a can successfully find and cure the detector at the minimum tumor in early stage of cancer. All the function of its own, it is the first in the world.

A similar fountain pen small device has intervened surgical operation reality. In the treatment of cancer of the nuclear medicine, the tester of newly developed no similar. For example, a rare type of cancer -- neuroendocrine tumors, the size of a total of only 5mm. It is virtually impossible to find it, not to mention access to it. But the use of new instruments, which have become reality. The original is the use of a special radioactive isotope labeled tumor cells. At the same time radioactive drugs only in tumor cells gradually increased. They began to radiation. To capture this radiation instrument operation process, help the doctor completely remove all tumor. The possibility of a recurrence of the disease are completely excluded.

The new detector European nuclear research organization composed of Russian scientists development team responsible person, theory and Research Institute of experimental physics staff Yevgeniy? Grigori and husband in an interview with the voice of Russia said, detecting instrument used in the process of its development found particles developed technology for large hadrons collider.